How to Be Productive without Internet

{Today you are in for a treat !!!  A Guest Post from Katie Hornor, who's encouraged and inspired me in this blogging thing. I love what she has to share today, with a challenge to be productive without the internet. In our rural area, it's been a not-so-uncommon scenario this summer. Without … [Read more...]

Hearts for Home Blog Hop – 7.23.15

hfh 7.23.15 TLP-WeeklyDocketFREE2-600x600

What a fantastic collection of ideas and articles we had last week on our Hearts for Home Blog Hop! Our most viewed post was this fantastic Free Printable Planner from Becoming Christine Smith (click on image to see post and download):   And for my Featured Posts this week (click on … [Read more...]

Blackberry Crisp Recipe

Blackberry Crisp Recipe - Apron Strings Other Things

Berries are one of Summer's most wonderful pleasures and some of God's purest treasures. I love it when I have fresh berries to serve up to my family. We are especially partial to berry desserts. Desserts like Blackberry Crisp. The recipe I use is so easy! But oh so delicious! It only takes a few … [Read more...]

Hearts for Home Blog Hop – 7.16.15


It's Hearts for Home Blog Hop Time!  Click on the image below to read last week's most viewed post - a very timely topic, one that will spark some important conversation.   Now for my features! Oh, my, how hard it is to pick just a few.  (clicking on the images below will take … [Read more...]

The Scarf – a Necessary Item in Every Child’s Dress Up Box

Scarf in a Dress Up Box - save a drowning man - Apron Strings & other things

Kids will be kids, if we let them. And we should let them! We can fuel their creativity and spark their imaginations, give their brains and bodies a good workout by making the right 'tools' available. Tools like the scarf. And a dress up box. EVERY child, when given opportunity, will take an … [Read more...]