Hearts for Home Blog Hop – 4.23.15

Hearts for Home Blog Hop 4.23.15 Apron Strings & other things

Are you ready for the newest Hearts for Home Blog Hop? Here it is!!! Our most viewed post from last week was The Ultimate List of Free Lapbooks from Embracing Destiny   In keeping with the educatational/homeschooling theme and because I'm looking ahead and planning for our next school … [Read more...]

Tools to Make Your Homemaking Tasks Easier

Help for Homemaker Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Apron Strings & other things

When I was a girl, my dream was to grow up and get married, become a mother, and have my own home. Not just any home - the most lovely home - well-kept and organized home - a homey sort of home where everyone came to be nurtured and filled and cared for. I wanted to make a special place … [Read more...]

Hearts for Home – 4.16.15

hearts for home blog hop 4.16.15 Apron Strings & other things

Welcome to this week's Hearts for Home Blog Hop! Again we had over one hundred posts shared at our party last week with recipes and parenting tips and decorating ideas and inspirational articles. Our most viewed post was  Earth Day Resources  from Monster's Ed. As everyone is … [Read more...]

A Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe – Cheesy Potatoes and Sausage

You are raising a family, chauferring your children here and there, keeping house and maybe even educating your children at home. Crazy, but with everything going on, everyone still wants to eat! Gotta get the meal on the table too. What you need are tools in your life that streamline your days and … [Read more...]

Making Your House a Home – 4 step ecourse

uhmb 4 simple steps

Our daughter and her family are moving. We spent time recently helping them pack up their home and prepare to move. My hands were busy as I emptied cabinets, wrapped dishes, filled boxes but my mind was free to wander.  A flood of memories came over me as I recalled many of the moves we've made … [Read more...]